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Hi, I'm Viviane!

Brazilian, born in Rio de Janeiro, I grew up observing different people and environments, and their curious interactions resulting from these differences. I learned to appreciate these differences, starting to record them in the form of short stories, poems and novels. Writing was a daily habit accompanied by a lot of reading on so many varied subjects. Until moving to another country in 2017 opened my mind to a whole new world, new language, new culture, new habits. Blank pages to be written. But this time the record would be made in videos. In 2018, when my British/Italian fiancé gave me a camera as a gift, the world of photography opened up to me, challenging and wonderful. And my passion for people and their different interactions has continued to drive me through this field. Every smile, every body expression and every look I capture with my lens inebriates me with a passion for photography.

I spent 5 years in Ireland and came to the UK last February, 2022. I am based in Northamptonshire, England. I love to spend my time watching movies, series, documentaries, reading, studying photography, learning new things and meeting new people.


I'd love to meet you too.

How about you? We could meet anytime. Contact me to capture your moments and eternilise your story.

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